Bill Lindsley

P.O. Box 164

North Powder, OR 97867


Bill Lindsley

P.O. Box 164

North Powder, OR 97867


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knives, cleavers, slicers, pocket knives


Butcher knives


Hunting knives

Kitchen knives

Meat slicers

Pocket knives

all types of scissors, barber & beautician shears, groomer shears, chisels, tin snips

hand Tools

Medical scissors

Sewing scissors

Kitchen scissors

Groomer shears

Barber/Beautician Scissors

Taxidermy scissors

Animal clipper blades

Wood chisels

Tin snips

saw blade

Saw blades

Carbide blade sharpening

Carbide blade retipping

Steel circular saws ups 24″

Hand saws

We sharpen almost everything.

slitter, chipper, and planer jointer blades


Slitter blades up to 12″

Chipper blades

Planer/Jointer blades


gardening shears

Lawn & Garden

Mower blades

Grass clippers


Brush blades


Pruning saws



hole saws, router bits, carbide bits and saws, auger and spade bits


Hole saws and spur bits

High speed steel router bits

Carbide hole saws

Carbide router bits

Carbide hammer mill bits

Auger bits

Spade bits

knife sharpening expert bill lindsley

Bill Lindsley is an accomplished sharpening professional with training from Wolff Industries’ Twice As Sharp and Ookami Gold sharpening systems, as well as on the Flat Hone. He is an expert with barber/beautician shear sharpening and repair.

To keep abreast of the latest in equipment and technology, Bill frequently attends sharpening shows, seminars, and factory training sessions.

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Caring for your Hair Shears

1. Cut hair only.

2. Clean your shears at the end of each day. Even the most expensive shear can rust or corrode.

3. Do not tighten your shears when they get dull. Making them too tight will make them wear wrong and can cause hand fatigue or Carpal Tunnel issues.

4. Never lend your shears to others.

5. Oil your shears daily.

6. Store your shears in a case that is made of leather or a material that can breath. Plastic will hold moisture and cause rusting.


Did you know?

Keeping your shears sharp can make you more money!

Sharp shears can save you up to 15 minutes per client, giving you more time for more clients!

Does it make sense that paying $20.00 every few months will save you money and you will give a better hair cut?

It’s easy to see that this one maintenance is worth every penny spent!